At Onestop Management Services Ltd we aim to provide you with a professional service in a friendly environment with a practical and business focussed approach. Our goal is to provide you with useful and valuable business information to help you run a more successful and more profitable business. We are proficient in the following areas of Accounting:

Year End Accounts

Year-end accounts are vital to a business’s running smoothly from year to year. Not only does their timely submission prevent any penalties and surcharges being charged to you by HMRC but it prepares you for the upcoming tax payment(s) and helps you better understand your business’s year on year performance. The annual accounts can give a great deal of information about how your business performs seasonally, in terms of growth, and gives much clearer idea of whether or not your business is consistently growing and meeting targets or not. If you are a small to medium business it can save a vast amount of time and money to have a company ensure timely and accurate completion of your accounts. In addition you can use the information to better educate stakeholders, financial institutions, your customers and the general public on the company’s financial state.

Self Assessment

Self Employed? Always catching up on paperwork? Well it may be useful to get some professional help with your accounts. We can give you peace of mind when it comes to getting accurate Self Assessments submitted by the deadline. Beyond that we have found that many who work for themselves, (even those who have been in business a long time), tend to benefit greatly from a fresh perspective on their business. We also help clients by making them aware of taxation changes and resources or schemes that are applicable. For someone who is self employed a vast amount of your energy is often put into making sure the work gets done. Accounts management and advice on strategy can hugely improve your efficiency and profits


Bookkeeping can be a challenge for all sorts of reasons. Some people are at the forefront of running the business and don’t have time to do the bookkeeping. For others it is difficult to keep a track of due to the sheer volume of paperwork and the lack of an appropriate filing system. If you run a small business it can save a vast amount of time and money to outsource bookkeeping work. In addition we can use the information and interpret it in order to help you save money and increase profitability. This coupled with a periodic review session (annual, biannual, quarterly or monthly) will facilitate a deeper understanding and a clearer focus for your business.

VAT Returns

VAT Returns can be extremely complex and confusing and expensive if not filed in an accurate and timely manner. We are experienced with many different types of companies making us flexible and knowledgeable in various industries. We will help you ensure that your returns are completely accurate and make use of the strengths, weaknesses, growths and trends shown by the figures. With Professional help VAT Returns can be a helpful tool for analysis and implementing change with confidence.


Many employers, even reputable ones, end up running their payroll late or incorrectly once in a while. This can be a big blow that the company finds it hard to recover from. Unhappy employees can cause all sorts of problems for just about every part of your business such as: a bad reputation as an employer, an unmotivated work force, reduced quality of output and many others. Outsourcing your payroll is simple and can save a lot of time and hassle. We are reliable and have the capacity to deal with big clients.

Corporation Tax

If you own or represent a corporation there are a range of issues to consider concerning Corporation Tax. From submitting the required information online to HMRC to giving you advice on how to tweak or renew you market strategy and keep up with the competitors in your sector. We are reliable, flexible and have the capacity to deal with sizable clients.

Online Accounts

The technology for online accounting has been around for a while now. However many companies still use paperwork. If you require online accounting services or want to learn about transferring from paper to paperless accounting please don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s surprising how much space and time can be saved with this system. Also the system enables us to share and communicate online at any time. This eliminates appointments for the most part and means you can access what you like whenever you like. Please inquire for more details.

Cashflow Projections

Cashflow is one of the trickiest things to control and master. Projections are always prone to going awry. Having professional input can increase the accuracy, reliability and depth of the projections. We can also help you to foresee possible problems that may arise through the systems you choose to use. If you need to make some projections or budgets and you aren’t quite sure of yourself or the business’ plans give us a call. We are always happy to help make sure projections are optimized and realistic.

Business Planning

Business Planning is a daunting part of any venture. It is a challenge to be accurate in your figures and projections. It is impossible to consider and have procedure for every single contingency. However, we can ensure that your business plan equips you with the relevant information to make your venture unfolds as smoothly as possible. With sound understanding, depth of knowledge and numerate fluency we will help you to make the most of your venture.